Morwen Millson

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International Volunteer Day

by morwenmillson on 29 November, 2018

  International Volunteer Day takes place on the 5th December to celebrate the hard work of volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community and take on many important roles, be that looking after parks and paths or volunteering in local charity shops or community groups. Without volunteers, these things would not be able to […]

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The Council is looking for your thoughts on a new Bus Strategy, which will inform its approach to – and investment in – bus services. Most bus routes in West Sussex are operated by bus companies on a commercial basis, and these do not form part of this survey. However, some routes are given a […]

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Movember 2018 – Stop men dying too young

by morwenmillson on 25 October, 2018

Do you know the reason behind the month of the moustache? The Movember Foundation exists to help prevent early death for men across the world and Movember itself was created to highlight some of the most common illnesses that affect men’s lives. Mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. You can help protect our fathers, […]

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Reducing stigma around eating disorders

by morwenmillson on 16 October, 2018

A couple of years ago, the 16 year old daughter of some friends of ours was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Because she was close to 18 (over a year!), she was denied Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (often known as CAMHS). Without private health care, she would have had to wait for services […]

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Tory Brexit mess punishes car industry

by morwenmillson on 4 October, 2018

Whilst the Prime Minister is trying to rally her party around her vision of Brexit, which is becoming less clear by the day, her speech at yesterday’s Conservative Conference looks more and more like ‘fiddling while Rome burns’. Responding to figures published today which reveal new car sales in the UK fell by over 20% […]

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Lib Dems call for reversal of Youth Service Cuts

by morwenmillson on 30 July, 2018

Since 2010, Conservative Governments have drastically cut local authority spending. One of the areas hardest hit have been Youth Services, which are not a statutory service (Councils are not required to provide them). Youth services are not just ‘nice to have’ services, providing fun sessions for young people, but they provide support to young people […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

by morwenmillson on 9 May, 2018

Run by the Mental Health Foundation – this Mental Health Awareness Week, 14-20 May 2018, looks at stress and how to cope with it.

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World Health Day: Celebrating the NHS

by morwenmillson on 5 April, 2018

Half of the world’s people still struggle to get basic medical help, choosing between, food, shelter and life saving drugs. But in the UK we are incredibly lucky to have our NHS. That’s why the Liberal Democrats are calling for an extra £6 billion a year to protect the NHS, paid for by an extra […]

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Grass verges

by morwenmillson on 3 April, 2018

Councillors receive lots of emails about grass verges. Sometimes, people are concerned about the council mowing the grass when it’s not necessary, often the concern is that the grass is too long, or that the grass has been left to blow all over the footpaths. Right now, the biggest concern is verge parking. Recent wet […]

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Commenting on results from a survey undertaken by the Child Poverty Action Group, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson, Layla Moran said: “The work that teachers are doing in schools up and down the country to help families in poverty is truly inspiring. This report shows them going far beyond any reasonable expectation, helping ensure children are […]

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