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Lib Dems call for reversal of Youth Service Cuts

by morwenmillson on 30 July, 2018

Since 2010, Conservative Governments have drastically cut local authority spending. One of the areas hardest hit have been Youth Services, which are not a statutory service (Councils are not required to provide them). Youth services are not just ‘nice to have’ services, providing fun sessions for young people, but they provide support to young people […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

by morwenmillson on 9 May, 2018

Run by the Mental Health Foundation – this Mental Health Awareness Week, 14-20 May 2018, looks at stress and how to cope with it.

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World Health Day: Celebrating the NHS

by morwenmillson on 5 April, 2018

Half of the world’s people still struggle to get basic medical help, choosing between, food, shelter and life saving drugs. But in the UK we are incredibly lucky to have our NHS. That’s why the Liberal Democrats are calling for an extra £6 billion a year to protect the NHS, paid for by an extra […]

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Grass verges

by morwenmillson on 3 April, 2018

Councillors receive lots of emails about grass verges. Sometimes, people are concerned about the council mowing the grass when it’s not necessary, often the concern is that the grass is too long, or that the grass has been left to blow all over the footpaths. Right now, the biggest concern is verge parking. Recent wet […]

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Commenting on results from a survey undertaken by the Child Poverty Action Group, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson, Layla Moran said: “The work that teachers are doing in schools up and down the country to help families in poverty is truly inspiring. This report shows them going far beyond any reasonable expectation, helping ensure children are […]

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Layla Moran MP calls on the UK government to provide tampons and sanitary towels in all schools following Liberal Democrats securing the roll out of the policy in Wales. Last Friday, as a result of Welsh Liberal Democrat Education Secretary Kirsty Williams, the Welsh government announced £1 million of funding to provide sanitary products in […]

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Crisis in local NHS services

by morwenmillson on 26 March, 2018

Delays in ambulance responses to local emergencies this winter have been widely reported. Now the implications of the financial situation facing the Clinical Commissioning Groups that provide local medical services are becoming clearer, with the announcement that some surgical procedures will be rationed. Everyone will be concerned that 1,443 emergency patients waited in ambulances this […]

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Liberal Democrats demand end to school cuts

by morwenmillson on 14 March, 2018

Local school budgets are being squeezed by real terms cuts from the Conservative government.The cuts mean our schools are trying to deliver the same education but with less money. Teachers are over-worked – and it is our children who will pay the price. The Liberal Democrats have proposed a bold new plan to fight these […]

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Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said, “The Spring Statement was a non-event. The OECD gave us the clearer picture – that the economy is bumping along the bottom of the G20, well behind the likes of Australia, Canada and the Euro area. “The OBR’s fresh forecasts are still a long way behind the […]

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Out and about in the local patch

by morwenmillson on 27 February, 2018

I met the area Highways Superintendant to look at some local issues this morning. Despite the snow, we spent a useful hour or so looking at the issues. First was a request for pedestrian crossing facilities on a school route, where a local resident had asked for my support for a bid for community funding. […]

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